Sick Days

I have three children, a ten year old son and two daughters, ages eight and six. And this week, we’re all sick! Symptoms include: a dry cough, runny nose, and exhaustion. It culminates in all of us being super emotional! I’m sure most people know that, as a parent, I don’t get to take the … More Sick Days


I was supposed to write this post on Friday. Instead I spent some much needed time with my partner. So, nope, I’m not apologizing. However, I would like to get back on track here. Today I wanted to talk about my latest book project, the sequel to OLD BLOOD, tentatively titled SOUL BLOOD. It’s bloody. … More Next!

Why Hello There 2016

Goals. What a wonderful, awful word. As we begin the New Year, everyone is setting themselves to new tasks that are supposed to make 2016 an epic year of self-transformation. Most of those plans will fall through. The few that don’t, however, will be epic! Though maybe not in the way that they were imagined. … More Why Hello There 2016