Why Hello There 2016

Goals. What a wonderful, awful word. As we begin the New Year, everyone is setting themselves to new tasks that are supposed to make 2016 an epic year of self-transformation. Most of those plans will fall through. The few that don’t, however, will be epic! Though maybe not in the way that they were imagined.
Last year I gave myself a goal: I would stop talking about publishing my book, and finally just do it. It was one of those plans that succeeded (the weight loss one failed completely, but progress is progress). However, the results didn’t pan out quite the way I thought they would. I have made almost no money, and very few people have actually read the damn thing.
The few who read it loved it.
I got that epic review from IndieReader.
I also landed myself a whole bunch of work that I had no idea I was jumping feet first into (Blog, twitter account, Facebook page, Author Central on Amazon, keeping track of passwords, not to mention trying to find an agent… all while writing the sequel… yikes!).
On the other side of that coin, I’ve never felt so alive, so overjoyed that I did not give up, or give in, or let that inner nag tell me I was wasting time and there were dishes to do. I didn’t realize how afraid I was of rejection, of criticism, and of failure. The truth is, I’ve been handed both rejection and criticism, but not enough of either to really be worth all of the fear I felt before.
At no point did I allow myself to feel like a failure.
I think that may have been the reason for the hard work all along; the time I wasted because I was afraid of putting myself out there, the longer I didn’t fight for my goals and dreams, was the exact amount of time I allowed failure to live in my head. It doesn’t get to live there anymore, the space has been leased on a permanent basis to Hope, who may or may not bring along her roommate, Joy.
So, goodbye 2015, and hello 2016! Here I come, ready or not!


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