I was supposed to write this post on Friday. Instead I spent some much needed time with my partner. So, nope, I’m not apologizing. However, I would like to get back on track here.

Today I wanted to talk about my latest book project, the sequel to OLD BLOOD, tentatively titled SOUL BLOOD.

It’s bloody.

It’s gut wrenching.

I have about 50 pages of it written. Considering that I work, have three kids in elementary school, and I like sleep, I feel this is an accomplishment, because most of it has been done in January. πŸ˜€

I finally forced myself out of my rut, and I’m having so much fun with it! I’ve got about six more scenes to write before I print it out and start shoving scenes into it willy-nilly until it looks something like a book. Then I may try to be coherent. Maybe. πŸ˜‰

I also learned a new trick on how to get out of my own way. I hate staring at a blank word doc -I always try to write new scenes in a different Doc so that I’m not distracted by editing what I’ve already written, I’ll save perfectionism for later- and I have a lot of great ideas when I write by hand. However, writing by hand makes the process really, really slow.

The trick I learned was to start writing a new scene on paper, just a paragraph or two, and then switch to the Word Doc. I develop enthusiasm and ideas starting by hand, and if I start typing it immediately, it bleeds over into the Doc. Then cut and paste in the appropriate space, and move onto the next scene.

Hopefully I’ll have the first draft done by the end of the month, the second done by the end of June, and the final draft by the end of September. Speaking of which…..



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