Reclaiming Organization: The Bullet Journal

Life rolled right over me. Like, completely squished me flat and left me scrambling to get myself back together. Life does that! I’m in the process of reclaiming my goals now that life’s steam roller has gone on its merry way for the foreseeable future. Thank goodness!

Anyway, now that all of my bits aren’t all over the ground, I wanted to share one of the tools that I have found for reclaiming control over my life. It’s called the Bullet Journal. The original bullet journal idea was an algorithm created by a guy named Ryder Carroll. It has since exploded into an organization phenomenon. Watch the video to get a rundown on how the system works.

Basically it is a planner, journal, list keeper, and notepad all in one. It is easy to use, because the main idea behind it is that if you’re trying something that doesn’t work, then try something else. It is a forgiving system that allows for mistakes. I have found that there are some pages that I have changed completely from the original design, and some things that I have kept the same. I have also found that the internet abounds with Bullet Journal enthusiasts like BOHO Berry, who creates these wonderful works of art that are efficient, and extensive. I also took inspiration from Tiny Ray of Sunshine for my weekly spreads. You can also find them both on YouTube, along with a slew of other bullet journalists, to get an idea of how they make it work for them.

So here’s the breakdown on mine. I bought my original art journal for around five dollars at an art supply store, but quickly grew tired of it. It was too small, there were no lines to work with, and after a while I was getting pretty frustrated. So then I remembered a journal that I bought years ago at Barnes and Noble for around ten dollars that had the graph paper that I wanted, lots of pages, and was a larger size.

After transferring all of the upcoming pages that I would need for the next month, I realized that it wasn’t quite right either. It was a soft cover book, and I needed to be able to write on the go. So I took it, and I glued a wooden cover onto it cut from old subfloor scraps that I had lying around awaiting paint. Then I finished it off with three ribbons for book markers, and a piece of brown leather for the binding.

kjo5 (2)

I love how it turned out. Next time, I will probably stain the wood before I glue it onto the book, but I don’t mind the messy inner page of the cover that much this time. So now I have the type of pages that I love


Along with the organization that I crave. 🙂

On a side note, if you purchase one of these journals, there has been a bit of shadowing from any type of pen that I have used on them. It doesn’t bother me, because this isn’t my art journal, but it might for someone who wants to use it for a Bullet Journal/Art Journal.


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