Questing for My Soul: Reviewing THE DESIRE MAP EXPERIENCE by Danielle LaPorte

Looking to change my life has become a quest. I want to wake up in the morning and feel like the day is worth working through. I’ve been setting myself goals and soul searching for a life plan that doesn’t include feeling degraded or inconsequential. In my search for better answers, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube of Danielle LaPorte. Her message inspired me, so I tripped and clicked further and found the audio version of her book THE DESIRE MAP EXPERIENCE.

First, I would like to say that the audio book was awesome. I usually read books like this in one go, and then think about whether or not to do the work that is suggested within the book. Then I put the book on a shelf, and promptly forget about it.  Having her reading the ideas and the questions she suggests that we ask ourselves was awesome. I’d hit pause, answer the question, and then get back to listening. I ended up with thirty pages of notes, and answers. Thirty pages!

Who would have thought that stopping to take a look at my feelings would be such an intense journey?

The idea that she presents is this:

  • Creating goals and hoping that we’ll feel better when we accomplish them is…


The quest is really about figuring out how we want to feel on the journey to those goals, as well as when we reach them. How revolutionary. My feelings should be taken into account? I shouldn’t swallow the idea that money and status are the be-all, end-all, of my life’s measurement of success.

And the questions… Whew.

I thought, as I began the book, that I knew how I wanted to feel. Turns out that probing that deeply into myself, I came up with a whole new idea of what I wanted. I also cried while answering, a lot. There are things from my past that have left me shaken, broken, hiding in my proverbial closet so the monsters in my head won’t get me. She took me through a journey that asked me how I wanted to proceed. Do I want to continue shoving that feeling firmly under the rug of “It’s in the past, leave it there,” or do I want to allow myself to stop trying to make up for my own sense of worthlessness? Do I want to allow myself to feel something different? If so, how do I want to feel?

Uncompromised. Indestructible. Proud. Free. Sparked. Brimming.

That’s what I want to be, that is how I want to feel. So that is where my goals should lead me. My goals should allow me to feel like I am not compromised, bent, twisted, broken into what other’s want from me. Like I am fully alive and vital and full of inspiration.

Now that I know how I want to feel, I get to reassess my goals, and decide from there whether they are worth my time or not.

With a huge sigh of gratitude, I highly recommend reading this book, or looking her up on YouTube.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to read more of my (hopefully more soulful) journey, feel free to follow me!


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