About K. Jo

Hello, I’m K. Jo, author of Old Blood. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful partner (AKA: the Giant Red Bearded Wonder), three amazing children, and a host of neuroses.
My hobbies are studying mythology, mixed media artwork, and remodeling my house… constantly. I love good books, bad books, blank books, text books and bookstores. I like reading body language, blowing into empty beer bottles, and dancing like a lunatic. I hate intentional ignorance, Brussel sprouts, and raw tomatoes… in that order. I fumble my way through life, battling a compulsive need to answer direct questions. Consequently, I suffer from open-mouth-insert-foot-itis. I have a terrible short-term memory… I think. I worry about the future constantly, and I drink way too much coffee; and I have a suspicion these two things are linked. My kids, the primary source of my future worries, are a constant cause of inspiration, love and confusion. I love my characters like they’re real people (yep, my imagination is that active), and I am writing a sequel to Old Blood simply to offer one of them redemption… because they deserve it… apparently.


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