Old Blood

Dark Fantasy with a twist of hope and a spattering of blood: Old Blood is my first novel. I self-published it in 2015. So far it has received a 5/5 star review from IndieReader, and I’m looking into agents and working on the sequel.

‘Be gone to a land of ice and cold,
Ringed by mountains untold,
Alone and desolate may you be,
Until the old world be swallowed by the sea.’

Somewhere off the Northeast coast of Greenland, Aiden has gone missing while on a quest for the Tuatha De Dannan. He was looking for the Cauldron of the Muse, and instead finds an ancient rage that he cannot escape.
Ethnea, a human empath, reluctantly follows her adopted mother Briana out onto the ice to save Aiden. Together with Aiden’s human son, a hobgoblin, a leprechaun, a werewolf, an outcast faery from before the reign of Christ, and a slew of crazed frightened sled dogs, they head out amidst the cold of winter to find him. But is he still there to be found…

~From the back of the book~


To read about the why’s and how’s and what’s of the book and my time writing it, feel free to visit IndieReader’s All About The Book.

Or you can read their review.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, it is available online at:

Create Space E-Store

Amazon. com

Barnes and Noble.com

Or, you may message me on here and get a signed copy. Shipping will vary by location and speed, etc.


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